Mel's Musings

10 May 2001

Well it has been quite some time since my last musing. However, as you read through this one you might understand exactly why! So, where to start? Perhaps justification of my tardiness in maintaining our website. You see, I am pregnant again. And for those who have had any experience of me and pregnancy, you will know that they are mutually exclusive. Yes, yet again I have been very sick, since about six weeks. I am now about 14 weeks and hoping for that wonderful day when I wake up and feel as if I am blooming. Unlikely, but all things are relative. The baby is due 11 November and will definitely be our last! Don't get me wrong, we are delighted that Number 3 is doing well, I am just not thrilled at the impact it is having on me!!!

Since becoming pregnant, we have been successful on a few fronts. We have found a new house just around the corner. It is smaller than our current house as it doesn't have a basement. However it is still large by UK standards and we are very happy with it. What's more, the back garden is not overlooked by all the neighbours so we actually get some privacy. Our illegal trampoline may never get discovered (see previous musing). An added bonus is that the lease is for two years - that will be the longest Nick and I have stayed in one place since we got married. Moving date is 14 May and we should have emailed you a change of address card. If not, please let us know. Our phone number is unchanged.

We had a nice Easter holiday with David and Lucy Shaffer who are now living in Atlanta (they get around the countries more than we do). We also got to meet their beautiful boy Adam - notice the omission of little, as he is 8 months old yet heavier than Jess! We went to North Carolina and met in Boone which wasn't exactly the most happening place in the Appalachians, but it was worth the visit. I refer to this trip as a success as we successfully determined how many hours not to drive with two little girls and a newly pregnant woman as passengers. We also successfully avoided any speeding tickets (not like others we know) and had a nice break from the routine! It was great to see the Shaffers and I have a feeling it won't be that long before our paths cross again.

We have now had our first houseguests. George, Sarah, Harriet and Oliver Foster came to stay for a few days. They were great houseguests - extremely understanding of my predicament (Sarah could remember all too well) and fantastic with Beth and Jess. I think Nick was not only delighted to see some old friends, but also to have someone sensible to talk to and have a few drinks with whilst his wife was indisposed creating his baby! I think the Fosters set a new world record in shopping - we were impressed. I have a feeling that they will be back some time, or at least George will be with shopping list in hand!

Other news you may be interested in - my youngest sister Sally is also pregnant. She is expecting Number 2 a week after me. She has been a bit sick, but is much better now, which makes me incredibly jealous of course. My niece Jocelyn has started high school which makes me feel quite ancient as I can remember when she was born like it was yesterday. Nick's brother Dermot and nephew Thomas both ran the London marathon, although I still can't figure out why anybody would want to put themselves through something so tortuous. I had better change my tune I suppose as Nick intends to run the US Marine Corps marathon in October. Nick's niece Jemima has just turned 18 - again making us all feel quite old!

Upcoming events include moving house (features fairly prominently in our lives at the moment). A couple of days in Washington DC for a Royal Navy conference for Nick and a bit of fun for the girls and me (sickness permitting). San Diego in June (I have to face a 7 hour solo trip with the girls - I must be insane). Melanie, Martyn and Toby Whitehead are visiting in June and we are expecting a few more visitors in July and August. The weather is warm, Nick's job is going well and the girls are happy. All in all, life is good except for me being bloomin' pregnant!!!!!.

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